Privacy and Legal
NorthLegal Training and Publications is committed to maintaining the privacy of everyone who visits and submits information through this website. The following is a summary of the information we collect and what we do with it.

We want you to be comfortable visiting and using this site. If anything concerns you, please call us or send an email to us to let us know.

Very generally speaking, through your visits to this site we gather only the information you choose to share, we use that information only in order to provide programs or services that you specifically ask for or to make you aware of programs or services that NorthLegal Training and Publications offers, and we do not share your information with others.

More specifically, we only collect information through this site that is personally identifiable with you when you intentionally submit it to us, such as by completing a registration form or some other form or by sending email to us. We use that information to provide whatever service or information you requested. We may also use it to communicate with you about programs, training materials or services offered by NorthLegal Training and Publications. We also have access to information about your visit to this site (such as the web browser you use and which pages on this site you visit), and we use that information periodically to help us determine how to improve this site to make it more useful and interesting to our viewers. However, we cannot identify you or your credit union using that information. We do not track your viewing or browsing habits after you leave this website through cookies or by any other methods.

We do not disclose information that you submit through this site and that is personally identifiable with you to any other person or entity except as follows: If you attend a live seminar, we may include your name and the name, telephone number, city and state of your credit union on an attendance roster that may be shared with other participants, unless you tell us in writing not to. We do that because it encourages networking among participants during and after programs. Also, if your state credit union trade association is a cosponsor of a training program, we may tell that trade association your name and credit union, unless you tell us in writing not to do so. We do that because it allows them, if they choose to do so, to communicate with you to find out whether you believe the program was or was not worth your investment of time and money. (If you would prefer not to have your name included on an attendance roster or shared with a state trade association, we will be glad to omit it if you will ask us to do so in writing.) Finally, we would, of course, also disclose information that you submit through this site that is personally identifiable with you if we were legally compelled to do so, such as through a subpoena.

We reserve the right to change this policy in the future by posting notice at this site. (We have no intention of making such a change, but we are lawyers, after all, and you know how lawyers are about preserving options.)

If you have any questions at all about, or related in any way to, our privacy policy or these legal disclaimers, please call us at 623.537.7150, or email us at "" and put the term "privacy-legal" in the subject line. Thank you.