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Handling Real Property-Secured Loans
in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A NorthLegal Webinar presented November 20, 2012
Approximate Duration: 2:02 hrs:min

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In recent years, Chapter 13 bankruptcy has emerged as a major tool homeowners can use to change their mortgage obligations.

Through Chapter 13, debtors can cure arrears and in some cases change payments and interest rates and reduce or eliminate entire balances of loans secured by real property.

Courts also use Chapter 13 to impose new obligations on creditors—including complex proof of claim filing and supplemental reporting obligations introduced late last year—and to strip away certain creditors' rights if those obligations are not satisfied "just so."

But although debtors have significant rights, those rights do have limits. Lenders secured by real property have rights as well. And there are steps you can take to reduce, manage or avoid losses if you act promptly and with knowledge.

During this November 1 program, attorney Eric North will talk with lending institutions and loan servicers about the rights and obligations you have when a real property loan borrower files Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Topics will include—

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Speaker: Eric North

Eric North, the primary speaker at the programs listed on this site, has represented the interests of credit unions and other financial institutions as an attorney with respect to litigation, compliance, governance, bankruptcy and collections matters since 1984. Eric has appeared in state and federal courts throughout the State of California, and has argued before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.

Eric is also a nationally recognized speaker on legal issues relating to consumer lending institutions, and has presented hundreds of programs on behalf of national, state and local leagues and associations from around the country.
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